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Change in the smallest things...

It's funny how when you are faced with huge uncertainty, the things that really matter to you will come into picture perfect focus.

Back in April, my dog Hank had his yearly vet appointment. He's 10 now, and had prostatitis most of last year and was neutered in December, so I was looking forward to hearing that he was fine, that it was a routine visit. Except the vet heard a heart murmur. This set off a cascade of additional visits, tests, and insane worrying. After seeing the veterinary cardiologist (and $1000 later), Hank has a mild degeneration in his mitral heart valve. It's a slow progressing disease, so he should be ok, it's just something we'll keep an eye on. Big relief.

But as I was sitting and waiting for his last round of tests, my brain was doing a million permutations as to how I was going to pay for it if something seriously was wrong. He could have come out of the last visit with 3 required medications and additional ($500) scans every two weeks, which would deplete my savings eventually and then where would we be?

So I got good news for Hank, but I'm now putting some of those permutations into action. Week 1 without cable tv has gone pretty well and that is $100 that goes directly into savings. Now I just have to hope for a raise, lol.